Rotimatic – Automatic Roti Maker Machine Review


Zimplistic is the manufacturer of the first fully-automatic flatbread or roti maker in the world, Rotimatic. It makes rotis, puris, chapatis, tortillas, and pizza bases in less than 90 seconds. Now, you can reduce cooking time and make healthy living a lot easier with Rotimatic. What does Rotimatic have more to offer? Let’s find out about this detailed product review!

Product Review of Rotimatic

Rotimatic is now an indispensable part of any modern kitchen with customers and media considering it as the best revolutionary roti maker in their product reviews. In fact, it is now serving around 10 million hot and healthy rotis worldwide!

Rotimatic - Automatic Roti Maker Machine

The Rotimatic machine takes about 6 minutes to come up to temperature, and choose the number of rotis. It is a plug-and-play flatbread maker, churning out every 90 seconds. Watching it is so great. You’ll love viewing the dough whizzing around through the machine’s square window. The robotic arm always kicks into the middle section of the machine, where it’s rolling flat. Within seconds, an incredible disc of dough is quickly pushed forward, freshly cooked. This is an amazing machine that can multitask. It prepares the next batch of dough while baking bread. It is like a printer, pushing each bread out onto the open door.

Key Features of Rotimatic – Automatic Roti Maker

● Impressive AI and IoT technology
Rotimatic comes with automatic upgrading and Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless cooking, automatically measuring, dispensing, mixing, and kneading one ball of perfect dough at a time. It adopts cutting-edge technology, making the process of making your favorite rotis and puris easy and simplified. All you have to do is to add the ingredients into Rotimatic, baking rotis in just a few minutes.

Rotimatic - Automatic Roti Maker Machine 1

For setting up your Rotimatic, just pair it with the appropriate Android or iOS application and use it to connect to a Wi-Fi connection. Your Rotimatic will automatically download the new firmware, and also enabling remote diagnostics. A decent instruction manual is also provided on the app if you want a screen instead of paper. The application features the best Rotimatic recipes.

● Automatic and Versatile Flatbread Maker
In just 90 seconds, you can make a fully puffed roti from dry flour. Just simply load the dry flour, oil, and water, choose the desired number of rotis, and enjoy fresh hot puffed rotis in just minutes! You can always customize according to your taste and preferences, allowing you to adjust the thickness of your rotis, roast, and oil flatbread.

Rotimatic - Automatic Roti Maker Machine 2

● Superior Performance
Creating bread is fun and exciting, and with Rotimatic, it is even faster. It is a flatbread-making robot that has superb performance yet down-to-earth. It is the best breadmaker for rotis, pizzas, and any flatbread.

It is packed with 15 sensors, 10 motors, and 300 moving parts, along with a Wi-Fi connection for making your daily bread. Make roti quicker which is a more complex process as compared to baking a loaf. Rotimatic has an outstanding performance, pulling in ingredients from 3 receptacles on the top like flour, oil, and water, kneading them, rolling out the flatbread, and then cooking it. Once your Rotimatic is up to temperature, it can amazingly churn one flatbread out every 90 seconds.

● Unmatched and Unique Design
Rotimatic has a distinct design. Its big and heavy built depicts durability and great performance. It weighs 20 kilograms and measures 40 x 40 centimeters. While it looks huge and feels heavy, it only takes about 50% more worktop space than the Cuisinart bread maker. The Rotimatic is something you’ll love to keep on your worktop for your family members to have easy access to plenty of flatbreads. Designate the best place for your best kitchen buddy.

Rotimatic - Automatic Roti Maker Machine

● Packaging and Assembly
Unboxing Rotimatic is a really good experience as you can expect in a premium kitchen appliance. It is efficiently and attractively packaged that comes with everything you need. Apart from the machine itself and all its containers, the package also includes cleaning brushes, a more detailed user manual, and a quick start guide.

● Usage Tips and Tricks
What do you need to make roti? The recommended flour types of Romatic which are from Pillsbury (Aarshirvaad and Sujata) but you can also use other flour brands. The large container on top should always be dry without requiring regular washing. There is a dedicated container for water and another separate container for oil. The Rotimatic operations are divided into two sections. On the right, the ingredients (water, oil, and flour) are mixed and kneaded. On the left, the ingredients are rolled and baked.

You can add dried ingredients like ground spices, onion powder, and spinach powder – placed to the flour container. Now, you can make colorful and tasty rotis. You are not limited to only plain rotis. The monitor display is a great guide you can follow for cooking, cleaning and even resolving errors. It uses words and diagrams to tell you how to troubleshoot a problem simply and quickly. That’s absolutely terrific! The screen will even send alerts when you completely forgot to place the kneading container after you washed it, thus avoiding a messy mistake.

Rotimatic - Automatic Roti Maker Machine 3

● Cleaning and Maintenance
After using Rotimatic, you should leave the machine plugged in. This is done for the cooling fans to work which takes about 25 minutes. You can choose to just leave the machine loaded with ingredients, including the water and oil sitting in their containers. Just get them topped up when as necessary. The flour container should be kept in the fridge if you don’t use it within 4 days.

The lower half of Rotimatic requires cleaning. The kneading container should be removed every day and the two parts should be washed (by the dishwasher or by hands). The kneading tray beneath and the oven interior both require cleaning after using. The machine comes with 2 ‘magic’ cleaning brushes, 3 foam cylinders to clean the water and oil feed tubes, and a ‘magic stick’ to clean inside the oven.

● Superior quality
● Impressive design
● Superb performance

● Challenging to clean
● Heavy


Rotimatic – Introducing Rotimatic, World’s First Fully Automatic Roti Maker


Rotimatic proves us its best quality and performance through this review. While it is heavy and huge, these qualities also equate to durability and longevity, in addition to excellent flatbread making. It is definitely worth it for its price point!

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  1. I am a rotimatic user as well. I have been using Rotimatic for almost a year now and I haven’t faced any huge problem yet. Whatever small glitches I come across I contact the customer support. They troubleshoot from their place and in just a few minutes the machine starts to function smoothly. I had purchased it from Amazon itself.

  2. Rotimatic alters the software as it is connected to wifi and they spoiled 100% working machine.I am one of the affected user, they ask 700 dollars to fix the issue which illegal. There are many users who affected.

  3. Worst customer service ever. The 1000$ machine do not lasts more than 3 years if you are lucky enough to make it work for that long. Please do your due diligence before you invest your hard earned money.

  4. This machinebos good when it is working, but is the worst product if there is an issue. Basically the machine is working fine as long as it is off wifi. But once connected the machine became junk. AMD rotimatic is pathetic with their customer service. They literally asked me to buy a new once because this just stopped working. How can a machine that did not give any error messages or any warning just go down when connected to a wifi. Something really fishy about the software or the company policy is fishy.

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