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Why Buy The Omega VRT350 Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer?

While some automatic juicers can juice up fruits and veggies in mere seconds, this process is very degrading to the natural enzymes, nutrients and heat can stimulate oxidation causing early spoilage of juice. Slow juicing prevents all these by extracting juice at 80 rpm. Slowly but surely, you’ll get your nutritious and fiber-rich juice that can last up to 3 days when stored properly.

This is what you can expect with the Omega VRT350 Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer. This is a juicer that will work slowly to ensure that you’ll get all the amazing goodness of juicing from fruits, veggies, and even herbs or wheatgrass. It has great features with a sleek ergonomic design. Find out what it means to juice up healthy with this slow masticating juicer from Omega.

Introduction of Omega VRT350

Omega Juicers VRT350 Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer

The Omega VRT350 Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer will transform fruits and veggies into delicious and nutritious juice slowly at 80 rpms. Compared to super-fast juicers that can churn out natural juice in speeds of 1,650 rpms to 15,000 rpms, this is not for the patient consumer. The reason behind the slow juicing function of the VRT350 is that it protects the natural healthy enzymes of fruits and veggies which can be destroyed by fast juicing. It also prevents oxidation of juice due to the heat generated by the motor.

And aside from these cool reasons to use this slow masticating juicer, it also has top features that you might be looking for in a countertop juicer model.

Omega VRT350 Review

1. Low speed – more nutritious juice
As mentioned before, you will be able to benefit more from juicing when your juicer is a slow masticating juicer. The slow speeds preserve fibers, enzymes, and nutrients that are otherwise destroyed or overlooked in fast grinding juicers.

It squeezes, not grinds juice, therefore, the juice’s color, taste, and nutrients are preserved. The pulp is still squeezed for the second time before it is ejected as the juice goes to the second press stage. There is less oxidation, therefore, you can get juice that is healthier and will last longer, up to 72 hours longer. And if you are looking to benefit from natural juice’s dietary fiber then this is the best way to do it.

2. With oversized spout
This juicer has a vertical design so the fruits, veggies, and herbs go in at the top and are pushed downwards by a tool. Because of this efficient, design, you let gravity help you squeeze more juice. To collect juice from the juicer, place a large glass under the spout where the juice flows from. Another large glass should also be placed on the other spout to collect dry pulp. Touch the pulp; this will be very dry compared to fast juicers that will only leave you with wet pulp.

3. Easy to use, easy to clean
This juicer is very easy to clean. The removable parts may be placed in a dishwasher or washed under running water with liquid soap and water. If something gets stuck inside like a large piece of fruit or peel, just place it in the reverse so it can unclog the stuck piece. The outer surface of the Omega VRT350 can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The sleek surface will never retain spills, marks, and smells even when you use this daily.

4. Smaller and lighter than other juicer models
Other regular, high-powered juicers may be too heavy and consume so much space, sometimes occupying almost half the countertop! These may even be harder to keep or store away because these can’t fit anywhere. You’re stuck with a monstrous juicer that’s all over your kitchen counter.

The Omega VRT350 is small, compact and because of these, can be stored anywhere. It occupies very little space so you have the option to let it stay on your counter or just keep inside a cabinet until further use.
And because it is easy to set up and use, it is also very easy to take down and keep. It comes with very easy attachments and parts which should be washed completely before these are kept away. Check out our complete guide about the best frozen drinks machines on this post.


VRT350 from Omega Juicers

Specs & Features

● Low-speed masticating juicer
● Motor speeds at 80 rpms
● With a dual-stage juice processing system
● Juice can be stored up to 74 hours
● With three settings
● Over-sized spout
● Very small profile
● Washable parts
● Made from durable materials

Pros & Cons

● Can provide you with more nutrients
● Will preserve enzymes and less oxidation
● Vertical design helps juice up more nutrients
● With large food chute
● Small profile, saves counter space
● Easy to operate and easy to clean
● Pulp is dry after it is ejected from the juicer
● Can juice up fruits, vegetables, and wheatgrass
● Quieter than fast-juicers

● Does not come with a glass and pulp basket or container
● Not for the impatient user
● Jammed or stuck food pieces may happen

Final Word

The Omega VRT350 vertical slow masticating juicer is the juicer of choice if you want to get more out of your juicing activity. It will give you fresh juice that is more nutritious, with better flavor, and will maintain its flavor and nutrition for up to 74 hours.

This is slow juicing which can turn fruit and veggies into delicious, nutritious, and fiber-rich juices. It is a slow juicer so if you are looking for a juicer that will work fast and juice fast then look elsewhere.

Compared to fast juicers that will occupy half your kitchen counter and will permanently stay there because these are too large to keep inside a cabinet, the Omega VRT350 is small, compact, and easy to store anywhere.

This slow juicer is easy to use, easy to maintain, and won’t be as noisy as a traditional fast-juicing machine. This may be the healthy mechanical juicer you have been looking for.

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