6 Best Waffle Cone Makers to Buy in 2020 – Your Homemade Ice Cream


Why need to buy ice cream cones when you can make your own with a waffle cone maker? With a waffle cone maker at home, you can make chocolate wafer cones, vanilla cones, chocolate chip cones and so many more. You can even make cones of different sizes and flavors. There are only a few names in waffle cone makers in the market and we have six of the best for you.

List of The Best Waffle Cone Makers of 2020

How to Choose the Best Waffle Cone Maker

Shopping for the best waffle cone maker is a very straightforward matter. The best cone maker should be durable, easy to use, and easy to clean. Choose a waffle cone maker with a large, durable, easy to clean non-stick surface. This makes it easier to use and maintain a kitchen appliance.

It would be better if you choose a waffle maker with an adjustable temperature so you can fine-tune your homemade cones according to the ingredients you use. Consider that some types of cones may cook and burn easier, therefore, controlling the temperature is a must.

Consider an appliance with indicator lights to help monitor your homemade cones as these cook. The outer surface of the appliance should be easy to clean and safe. The handle should be made of a temperature-resistant material so that it’s safe to handle as you cook.

#1. ​CucinaPro Waffle Cone and Bowl Maker

Waffle Cone and Bowl Maker

Whether you are making sugar cones or thick waffle cones for your homemade ice cream, the CucinaPro Waffle Cone and Bowl Maker is your choice. It can make your favorite type of ice cream cone in minutes. And that’s not all, this can also make delicious waffle bowls where you can place scoops upon scoops of ice cream.

This waffle cone maker has an easy to use a non-stick surface that will make cones fast. It even comes with a cone roller and a bowl shaper so you can easily make cones and bowls as soon as the waffle is ready. And when you are done, simply wipe the cooking surface clean. The outer surface is also easy to clean because it’s made from durable, maintenance-free materials.

Conclusion: If you love making your own waffle cone and bowls then the CucinaPro Waffle Cone and Bowl Maker is right for you. It comes with a cone and bowl maker, easy to use, and easy to clean. This could be the waffle cone maker that’s perfect for your needs. Check out our complete guide about the Roti maker.

• Makes cones and bowls in minutes​
• Easy to use and clean
• 100% non-stick
• Includes cone roller and bowl shaper

• No temperature controls
• Handle might be too hot to hold


Waffle Cone and Bowl Maker

#2. Chef’sChoice 838 Waffle Express Ice Cream Cone Maker

Chef'sChoice Chef's Choice 838 Waffle Express Ice Cream Cone Maker

If you can’t wait to eat ice cream in a cone then the Chef’sChoice 838 Waffle Express is for you. This can make sugar cones fast and the best part is, you can adjust your recipe to reduce sugar or add more flavor.

The waffle express comes with a cone-rolling form so you can roll the waffle as soon as this is ready. With a fast temperature recovery feature, you don’t have to start from scratch every time you open the lid to add batter. A special color-selection control will help you make any kind of cones from light-colored ones to dark and hard cones.

The non-stick waffle plate is 7 inches in diameter which lets you cook larger cones and even waffle bowls. This is easy to clean and easy to maintain so you’ll have the luxury of making your own favorite comes at home.

Conclusion: The Chef’sChoice 838 waffle express maker is a large waffle cone maker that can make larger and deeper cones and waffle bowls. It makes it easy to cook different waffle cones using its cone color control. The color control feature will let you carefully cook all kinds of cones to perfection.

• Makes sugar cones fast
• With cone-rolling form
• Non-stick, easy to use plates
• Color-control knob
• Instant temperature recovery

• Does not have a stay-cool handle


Making Waffle Cones with the Chef’s Choice 838 Waffle Cone Express

#3. Chef Buddy 82-MM1234 Waffle Cone Maker

Chef Buddy 82-MM1234 Waffle Cone Maker

The Chef Buddy has a large cooking area that will let you make extra-large and deeper waffle cones. This waffle cone maker comes with its own cone roller to make perfectly-shaped cones. Just fill the cooking plate with your own special made waffle cone batter, cover and you’re done.

The outer surface is very durable and easy to clean. With just a clean damp rag, you can remove drips and spills. The non-stick cooking surface is also easy to maintain and will last for a long time.

Conclusion: The Chef Buddy 82-MM1234 Waffle Cone Maker comes with a cone form to make perfect, ready to eat cones at home. The unit has a large cooking area, is easy to clean and maintain. An indicator light tells you that the unit is at the right temperature and is ready to use.

• Fast cooking time
• With ready light indicator
• With locking hatch
• With easy to clean cooking plates

• No temperature control
• Handle can become too hot to hold

#4. Cuisinart IFM-1000 International Crepe/Pizzelle/Pancake Plus Press

Cuisinart IFM-1000 International

Make 8 1/3-inch diameter waffles to make large sugar waffle cones with the Cuisinart IFM International Crepe maker. This is unlike most cone, crepe, and pancake makers because it has a temperature control knob. This lets you cook waffles to perfection no matter what type of batter you use.

This comes with an adjustable cooking lid with a stay cool handle. The non-stick surface is easy to clean and maintain while the outside surface is very easy to maintain.

Conclusion: The Cuisinart IFM-1000 crepe, pizzelle, and pancake plus press are larger than most presses and cone makers. It comes with temperature controls to let you cook to perfection.

• Large cooking space
• With temperature control
• Indicator light tells you it’s ready
• Locking lid
• Stores upright

• Does not come with a cone roller

#5. Chef’sChoice 839 Krumkake Express

Chef'sChoice 839 Krumkake Express

Want a decorative waffle ice cream cone? The Chef’s Choice 839 is the Krumkake Express, a waffle maker with a decorative cooking plate. It will give you golden crepe-like cakes to make into cones. You will get a convenient cone roller with your purchase too.

The non-stick cooking surfaces are large and come with a color selection dial so you can cook waffles and crepes to perfection. It is easy to clean inside and out so it’s ready whenever you feel like making more cones.

Conclusion: The Chef’sChoice 839 waffle cone maker creates a lovely touch for your ice cream cone and on your breakfast waffle. It has a large cooking area and comes with a convenient roller. It also has a dial to make perfect cones at all times. The Krumkake Express could be the waffle cone maker you have been looking for.

• With decorative cooking plates
• With plastic cone shaper
• With color selection dial
• With baking lights

• Does not have a cool handle

#6. Chef’sChoice 838-SE WaffleCone Express Ice-Cream Cone Maker

Chef's Choice 838-SE WaffleCone Express

Make waffle cones like a pro with the Chef’s Choice 838 WaffleCone Express. This is an ice cream maker that will give you perfect sugar cones in just two minutes. You will be able to make ice cream cones for a party in no time.

This waffle cone maker comes with color control knobs to fine tune the type of cone you want to bake. It has a locking latch to make sure that you have uniform waffle thickness at all times. It also has indicator lights so you will know that your cones are done.

Conclusion: The Chef’s Choice WaffleCone Express is a non-stick cooking plate with a color-control knob. It can make perfect waffle cones and other types of food. It comes with indicator lights to tell you if the machine is ready to use.

• With color control knob
• With locking latch
• With baking ready light
• With a cone form
• Non-stick

• No temperature control

Final Conclusion

A waffle cone maker may look like a simple kitchen appliance but nevertheless, you must find the most efficient and practical one that will fit your needs. From the accessories you need to make waffle cones to the material that the appliance is made of, you need to consider all these to find the cone maker will give you the best satisfaction and value for your money.

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