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Not everyone can get to a high luxury Japanese style lunch buffet or a sumptuous dinner at a fancy Sushi restaurant. Sometimes, the joys of home cooking and prep-work is all the better when it comes to convenience, economics and even in the matters of a healthy lifestyle. Learn how to take that Japanese sushi experience to your home with the best of the best in sushi making kits for you, your friends and your family to enjoy.

Makimaker Sushi Making Kit
Makimaker Sushi Making Kit – Image from Amazon

What Are Sushi Making Kits? These kits are designed and appropriated for individuals to be able to replicate the process in creating the world-renowned “sushi”. “Sushi” is Japanese styled dishes composed of rice, fish and (depending on the “sushi” maker), a number of embellishments are employed like soy sauce, radish paste and other condiments. “Sushi” can take quite a while to make, but a sushi making kit can get you there quicker by making the process more streamlined, less complicated, and a clear delineation of ingredients and tools.

List Of The Best Sushi Making Kits of 2020:

#1. iSottcom Makimaker Sushi Making Kit

Sushi Making Kit by iSottcom – Makimaker

The iSottcom Makimaker is of considerable high-quality and does not skimp on that based on its hard-word materials and puts a premium on health by having a special and natural anti-septic layer. The compact design is also a wonderful addition given that you are able to store it unto to different locations while making cleaning or cleanup time relatively an easier task.

Conclusion: This Makimaker is easy to use and even easier to handle, which is important when you are a beginner and want to make delicious sushi. The Makimaker employs a technology that only asks you to set up the ingredients in the container and works like a presser, eventually shaping the sushi or maki dish without you having to “roll” it.

•​ Naturally hand-made design
• Really easy usage with clear steps
• Compact enough for an easy gift

• Is designed for smaller pieces
• Great technology but lacking other tools

#2. SushiQuik Super Easy Making Kit

SushiQuik Super Easy Making Kit Complete With Roll Cutter

The SushiQuik Super Easy is one that comes with a sushi mat that is detachable and can be placed from just about any area of your home, including placing them with knives, spoons, and forks. The SushiQuik Super Easy also has a training frame with a paddle that is non-stick, aided greatly by a SushiQuik Roll Cutter. One of the cooler features here is adaptability to make “all” kinds of rolls in various sizes, and this helps out especially if you want to go for more experimentation and try out different shapes and sizes.

Conclusion: All in all, the SushiQuik Super Easy is quite complete and is valuable when it comes to delivering an overall complete package.

• Different kinds of roll shapes and sizes
• Clear, even and safe cutter design
• The frame for rolling is wonderful

• You still have to roll the sushi ingredients
• The amount of rice per roll set can be too little

#3. Aya Deluxe Sushi Making Kit

Sushi Making Kit - Original AYA Sushi Maker

The Aya Deluxe comes with a non-stick spreader to help out with the rice, as well as for like a really good durable quality in a sushi knife. The Aya Deluxe comes with a comprehensive 11-set system that makes creating and designing different kinds of rolls and sizes a safer and effective process. Added to this, the demonstration or the manual has its place by distributing it as an online setup.

Conclusion: When it comes to the Aya Deluxe, there is little doubt that you can get a comprehensive set of services, from the knife down to the impressive system for all kinds of sizes and shapes of rolls.

• The online tutorial setup is really nice
• Has an extensive system for all kinds of prep work
• The sushi knife is firm and durable

• The system is all-around but not compact as a package
• Online setup may not be for everyone’s convenience

#4. Sushi Bazooka Making Kit

Sushi Bazooka, Sushi Mat

The Sushi Bazooka is relatively easy to use as a product and one that only needs the individual to open the container, essentially load up the rice and other ingredients quantity and end-close it by squeezing out the longer tube to get a nice good roll of sushi. The Sushi Bazooka also comes with a quality bamboo mat that is clean and safe for a good transfer in location, when needed or warranted.

Conclusion: The Sushi Bazooka has a comprehensive but well developed and thought out design and structure that makes it easy for individuals to get a good hand at developing quick, convenient and tasty sushi.

• Really good tube structure for ingredients
• The bamboo rolling mat is clean, safe and helpful

• Good quality plastic design but and not wood-based

#5. Kitchen + Home DIY Sushi Making Kit

Sushi Making Kit

The Kitchen + Home DIY is a product that lets you shape up your sushi with a good set of different shapes to help impress different guests and family members. In terms of the shapes, you can shape your sushi to all sorts of large and small figures like a square and round and even a pyramid style The Kitchen + Home DIY also comes with an instruction guide and a bamboo rolling mat, and a whole list of tools such as the spatula and rice fork.

Conclusion: The Kitchen + Home DIY provides more value by bringing into a set of different gears and mold shapes to the discussion.

•​ A great number of tools at your disposal
• Really good molding shapes, portion sizes
• Dishwasher safe bamboo mat

• Nothing outstanding but good overall
• Some extra materials may be unnecessary

#6. Delamu Bamboo Sushi Kit

Bamboo Sushi Kit, Carbonized Rolling Mats

The Delamu Bamboo is a product that comes in just great with around two 100 percent hand-made rolling mats of the best bamboo material around, topped up with some rather generous displays (5) of chopsticks, a paddle and a rice spreader with a total beginner’s guide, to boot. The mold resistant material is not hurt at all, making overall durability that much better and better assured.

Conclusion: The Delamu Bamboo is one product that will fit many sushi aficionados’ dreams while placing enough extra materials to help out beginners.

• The bamboo mat is mold resistant
• Extra items aside from the mat is a welcome
• Good hand-made material

• Not recommended for dishwashing, which is a bit concerning
• Mat needs to be dried up thoroughly for mold control.

#7. BambooWorx Sushi Making Kit

BAMBOOWORX- Deluxe Sushi Making Kit

The BambooWorx is a brushed-up product that includes two specialized for sushi rolling mats, a rice spreader, and a rice paddle—fairly balanced in offerings. The mats, in particular, are measured to a tee when it comes to many common dishes that you find under the “sushi” category, which helps teach you standard sushi sizes in restaurants. The bamboo mat, specifically, is made with great detail and the rice tools are thoroughly easy to grasp and use.

Conclusion: The BambooWorx is a good product when it comes to not just beginners but those who want to learn the value of portion control and portion servings found in a good number of standardized sushi restaurants.

• Really good quality bamboo mat
• The rice tools match well with the mat
• Standard portion sizes are accounted for

• Does not seem to be tolerant to dry temperature
• Generally easy to clean but needs oil maintenance

#8. Easy Sushi 8507

Easy Sushi 8507 3.5 cm Roller

Easy Sushi 8507 is a product that pretty much promises pretty much high-quality sushi for the least amount of pain and suffering. The Easy Sushi 8507 design and structure allow enabling people to adopt a three-step system for making sushi like its “load, close and pull”, which offer up a sushi roll in seconds. The Easy Sushi 8507 also works on a variety of different roll setups like those of omelets, crepes and all kinds of wraps. Made with high-quality French material, the Easy Sushi 8507 stands out because its traction and the roll-up system can be thoroughly rinsed with soapy water and is dishwasher safe—a highly economical system and just as sophisticated.

Conclusion: The Easy Sushi 8507 may be the best product out there when it comes to the most convenient, durable sushi making or rolling kit while being able to produce high-quality results in a fraction of the time. For beginners, this will very much fit, for intermediates they can experiment more and for advanced sushi connoisseurs.

• Amazing, Inspiring Design
• Unique, Innovating Rolling Technology
• Convenient And Durable

• Does not have many tools because it is a stand-alone
• Abrasive products not recommended for cleaning only dish soap

#9. BambooMN Deluxe Sushi Making Kit

BambooMN Deluxe Sushi Making Kit

The BambooMN Deluxe is a product that offers standardized sushi roll portion sizes and complements it with a generous two sushi mat offering, coupled with an equally standardized rice spreader and a rice paddle. The BambooMN Deluxe comes with a saucer dish compartment that goes well with it’s a hundred percent made (100) for quality and durability bamboo material mat, free of chemicals and additives. Speaking of which, almost all the materials (paddle and spreader, too) are pretty much made from the same quality approved bamboo material, which is very much a nice touch.

Conclusion: The BambooMN Deluxe is a product that embraces its production materials with pride and joy and offers up a wholesome level of service.

• All good quality bamboo materials
• All-natural, safe materials overall
• Versatile sauce container

• Cannot tolerate high heat and doesn’t offer knives
• Does not make the process more convenient

#10. BambooWorkx Deluxe Sushi Making Kit

BAMBOOWORX- Deluxe Sushi Making Kit

The BambooWorkx Deluxe is a product made of all-natural bamboo, which is designed and innovated for the purpose of safer and cleaner sushi handling. The package set you get is generous enough to include standardized rolling mats for restaurant quality sushi, along with rice spreader, rice paddle and a given set of around five chopsticks to top it all off. The overall process is easy enough and the materials are appropriately are designed for steady and thorough sushi roll making.

Conclusion: The BambooWorkx Deluxe is a product that is better than most other bamboo product lines under this brand.

• Better quality all-natural bamboo mats
• A complementary set of tools

• Needs oil maintenance for longevity

Value Section On Sushi Making Kits

Genuine Japanese restaurant sushi is fantastic, “knock-offs” are just bad business. This is why it is often a welcome challenge (and a better choice) to experiment with the best sushi making kits, which can save you your time, space and your budget. But, like many products, you have to be wary and aware of what to look out for.

– Quality Rolling Mats
A rolling mat is quintessentially a traditional tool. But, in this case, you still need to look for quality in terms of the mat being able to produce the length and width of portions that you can find in many established Japanese restaurants.

– Completeness Of Rice Shaping Tools
Along with mats, you want to secure important service products like high-quality rice paddle and rice spreader, as some chefs would remark that the greatness of sushi and maki is in the quality and stickiness of the rice instead of just the quality of the fish.

– Durable, Powerful Cutting Tools
Without a good knife or cutter, you risk the chance of using your own knives. But this is not just a case of an added bonus to your kit’s package, the procuring of an effective and efficient knife can mean affect the speed at which the food is oxidized—rotting faster after your preparation (porcelain knives, for example, do not produce these effects).

– Naturally Handmade And Ease Of Cleaning
You need to ensure that the products of the kits are handmade and all-natural and as best to these qualities as possible, so it will not cause too many sensitivities in people. Additionally, having a material that is dishwasher-safe and easier to clean saves you a lot of trouble.

– Innovation With Respect To Old Technology
A great “do it yourself” sushi making kit should be innovative enough for a novice or beginner’s untrained hands (ergonomic to fit all kinds of hands) while helping them produce high-quality sushi or maki with relative ease.

Final Conclusion

Most of the recommended have two out of five categories in their package, but only the bottom Makimaker and Easy Sushi 8507 have acknowledged “respect in innovation”. They have ergonomically designed, compact structures that function to bring users closer to a sushi master’s training. Between the two, it comes down to this: if you want better shape and structure of sushi or maki, iSottCom Makimaker is your choice and Easy Sushi 8507 is your choice if you want faster and more convenient sushi or maki—tough choice but it had to be made.

P.s: You may also wish to have a look on food steamers or mini food processors for your kitchen.


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