9 Best Shaved Ice Machines to Buy in 2020 Reviews


With the heat of the sun during summer, most of us want to drink cold drinks and desserts to replenish the warmth that we tend to experience during these times. Nonetheless, there’s nothing to worry. You don’t have to buy shakes and ice smoothies to satisfy the craving. Ladies and gentlemen, here are some 9 of the best-shaved ice machines that you could purchase this 2020.

Nostalgia SCM502 Vintage Snow Cone Maker
Nostalgia SCM502 Vintage Snow Cone Maker – Image from Amazon

List of the Best Shaved Ice Machines of 2020

#1. Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A Electric Shaved Ice Machine

Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A Electric Shaved Ice Machine

A 3-pound white plastic finished ice machine fabricated in a sleek countertop design. Setup with this device is easily done. You just have to attach some of its parts and voila, you could start the operation. Disassembling is also easy. It only takes few minutes to do so. Thus, storing the device won’t be a problem to those people who have limited spaces.

Crushing the ice at multiple textures could be accomplished using this device. You just have to adjust the standard Philips head screw situated inside the unit. To start on using the device, just put a cylindrical block of ice into the intended slot. Close the device and apply medium pressure into the large gray button atop. Upon doing it, the precision stainless steel will cut evenly and finely the ice for a snow-like appearance.

Aside from the device, the package includes two ice molds used for freezing blocks of ice. Nevertheless, this device could be utilized for a variety of purposes. Either for snow cones, slushies, or margaritas, this ice machine is a better option as needed.

Conclusion: This is an inexpensive ice machine with a simple mechanism on granulating ice. The operation is simply done with simple to follow instructions. Just put on the ice and it will do its job. Nevertheless, you just have to put more effort into the utilization of this device. The machine won’t crush the ice inside unless you push the large gray button atop. Also, the device is quite loud so better use it at times when you won’t disturb somebody.

• Simple Instructions
• Great Design
• Easy Setup and Storage

• Needs Extreme Effort on Operation
• Loud

#2. Nostalgia SCM502 Vintage Snow Cone Maker

Nostalgia SCM502 Vintage Snow Cone Maker

Uniquely vintage design with a rectangular and closed plastic container, a cone shelf catering two cones, and two stationary wheels attached into the device, this device is mainly white polished streamlined with gold having dimensions of 13.5 x 10 x 17.5 inches. The device is manufactured from industrial strength materials and BPA free to ensure that anyone who uses it will be safe against any harm. Aside from that, the blades and the materials used are stainless and mold-free, increasing security and efficiency of the device as needed.

Atop the device situates a circular container where you’ll put all the ice blocks to be crushed. Just press the built-in safety switch and close the lid to start the operation. Rotary blades will turn around and start on cutting all the ice into granular pieces. Nevertheless, the device is powered to make 20 snow cones at a time. After then, just open the rectangular transparent box to start scooping out ice into cones.

Apart from the ice maker itself, the package incorporates two silicone snow cones and a plastic scoop to facilitate the operation.

Conclusion: Another inexpensive ice maker with easy to use features and gimmicky design that every ice enthusiast would love to have. Its mechanism is quite intuitive yet still not excellently performed. There is ice who won’t shred into very small pieces. Also, the operation is quite loud enough to disturb people around. All in all, the quality meets the price the product conceives.

• Simple Operation
• Vintage Design
• BPA Free Materials
• Cone Tray

• Lack of Drain for Melted Ice
• Loud

#3. Hawaiian Shaved Ice S700 Snow Cone Machine, 25 Snow Cone Cups, 25 Spoon Straws, & Black Bottle Pourers

Hawaiian Shaved Ice S700 Snow Cone Machine

A compactly made 8.5-pound snow cone machine white finished with the capability to make finely crushed ice as needed for your parties and gatherings. The device is incorporated with a simple design atop a transparent lid for which you are going to put all the ice cubes as used for making snow ice. After then you could turn on the device to facilitate the rotating stainless blades close to the lid. This centrifugal mechanism will shred over the ice to granular pieces. Adjustments on ice texture and ice are easily done by adjusting also the Philips head screw situated into the device.

With its price, the package includes three shaved ice flavors primarily cherry, blue, and raspberry to flavor your ice out, 25 leaky proof paper snow cups, 25 plastic spoon straws, and 2 bottle pourers for even flowing of syrup into the device.

Conclusion: The device has a lot of add-ons for which makes it more expensive to the other ice makers. Nevertheless, it has a straightforward operation with easy to use features that you will really love. The mechanism is efficient though it’s really noisy during operation. Thus, you have to endure the noise to make small pieces of ice into it. Other than that, the device is a must-have for the price and the convenience it offers.

• Simple Design
• Ice Crushing Mechanism
• Easy to Use
• Add-ons

• Loud Operation

#4. Little Snowie 2 Ice Shaver – Premium Shaved Ice Machine and Snow Cone Machine with Syrup Samples

Snowie Little 2 Ice Shaver

Weighing about 12.4 pounds, this ice shaver generates soft and fluffy ice with its white heavily plastic design. The device has a rectangular 8.5 by 7 inches base on it. Atop, a funnel-shaped ice hopper with a safety lid on it is located. Within the throat of the device, the motor and a cone shaper are utilized to easily put over the plastic cones into the device. On its base, specific instructions are written on it with a QR code to access all the video tutorials and tips how to use the device.

For operation, just open the transparent lid and load the ice cubes into the device. Close the lid to start the grinding process. The device makes shredded ice at the span of 3 seconds using the high-speed motor and the rotating 301-grade stainless steel over it. After then, mold over the shaped ice into a domed top using the cone shaper. Furthermore, flavor the ice to whatever color you wanted.

The package includes an ice shaver, 6 free sample sized bottles of flavored syrup and 8 machines washable party Snowie shovel spoons.

Conclusion: It’s an expensive brand that gives you really close ice shave. In fact, the ice being produce could be compared to the commercial ones being bought. It’s prettily a great and easy to use the device with the fast operation. Aside from that, it’s manufactured from BPA free quality plastic for which makes this device more reliable. However, it’s really loud and easily drips water into the surface of the device. Nevertheless, its recommended to add a couple of cups to easily demonstrate the appropriate cup size that the machine needs since it has a molder.

• Easy to Use
• Great Design
• Durably Made
• Clear Instructions

• Loud Operation
• Easily Drips Water

#5. Cuisinart SCM-10 Snow Cone Maker

Cuisinart SCM-10 Snow Cone Maker

Manufactured with a dark red color, this 7-pound plastic finished snow cone maker is rectangular shaped with a cone dip tray that accommodates two cones intuitively. Having dimensions of 11.5 x 12.5 x 13.9 inches, this device is easy to assemble and store around as needed. Its parts are BPA free so you’ll stay safe and secure upon utilization of the device.

Nevertheless, the device is operated through high-quality stainless steel surrounding into plastic within it. It accommodates four to five shaved ice cones per minute. The operation is done with a professional motor and blade mechanism with an interlock safety feature. Thus, just flip out the switch atop the device to start the ice grinding process.

The package comes with the device, 4 BPA free reusable plastic cones, a scooper, 12 paper cones, and 2 fold-down cone holders.

Conclusion: Overall, it’s really a well-made device. At first glance, you’ll be deceived with the metal-like appearance of the device. Nevertheless, the device is mostly plastic-based including its handle. Despite that, the product is still durable and high quality as needed. The operation is straightforward yet you have to really make an effort on utilizing the device. Aside from that, it’s really loud almost similar to a blending machine.

• Durable Material of Construction
• Easy to Use
• Sophisticated Design
• Add-ons

• Very Loud
• Operation Needs Effort

#6. Costzon 440lbs Electric Ice Shaver Machine – Snow Cone Maker

Costzon 440lbs Electric Ice Shaver Machine

Fabricated from premium stainless steel 201 material, this ice shaver machine works efficiently with a tube-like entry and a convenient operation, perfect for your ice desserts and parties. All parts of the device don’t rust and it’s easy to clean as needed before and after using it. Weighing about 18 pounds, this device shreds ice with a maximum rate of 440 lbs per hour.

It shaves whatever size and texture of the ice to very fine pieces. The device is driven by a high powered 200 W motor and a speed of 1400 runs per minute. It has a water-resistant on and off switch to induce easy and safe operation.

The package includes the shaving machine, a stainless steel bowl, a user manual to help you through operating the device.

Conclusion: The device may be expensive but it truly works in wonders with the quality of ice and the durability that you’ll get. It works effortlessly granulating the ice into very fine snow pieces as you’ve wanted into your ice desserts. The device is made of high-quality steel, non-corrosive with strong motor incorporated on it. The only thing perhaps that isn’t that healthy for this device is its noise. Similarly to other ice making devices, it’s really loud as it not should be it.

• Robust Material Construction
• Simple Operation
• Great Design
• Fast Ice Making Process
• Safe and Secure Utilization

• Very Noisy
• Expensive

#7. WYZworks Commercial Ice Shaver Heavy Duty – Snow Cone Shaved Icee Maker Machine

WYZworks Commercial Ice Shaver

All stainless steel construction, this 16″ x 9.8″ x 16.9″ shaving device is incorporated with a stable base, casing, and a hopper into it. Nevertheless, the device has a convenient tube-like ice hoper driven with a powerful motor to efficiently crush down cubes of ice as needed. It incorporates also a stainless steel holding bowl (7.75-inch x 2.75 inches) serves as a container during ice crushing.

Aside from that, the operation is easy for this device. Just put ice cubes into the ice hopper and push the unique design handle to start the operation. Turn on and off the red switch as needed. Then, collect fine particle sizes of ice. Consequently, the device runs and generates 440 pounds of crushed ice per hour. It operates using a 200W motor with dual stainless steel blades to completely shave the ice.

Apart from the device, it includes a replacement blade and a high-quality bowl.

Conclusion: Overall, it’s an expensive snowmaker with sturdy stainless steel features that any user would love to have. It has an elegant and well-engineered design with the simple and convenient operation. It induces fast and effortless operation. Nevertheless, its quite loud similar to any ice maker presented here. Other than its price, there’s really nothing to complain about this device.

• Easy to Use
• Sturdy Construction
• Quick Operation

• Loud
• Quite Expensive

#8. Flexzion Commercial Ice Shaver Machine

Flexzion Commercial Ice Shaver Machine

Weighing 12.2 pounds, this small and convenient device is fabricated from a plastic shell and aluminum material incorporating a stable, heavy base, and an easy to open the rounded 108 mm diameter ice hopper. Nevertheless, the device has a handle to safely open and secure the device.

The operation is done easily by putting an ice into the crusher, turn on the switch of the device, and run the device as needed. Everything is done effortlessly without pushing manually. The device handles a capacity of 143 pounds per hour with a rotating speed of 1400 runs per minute. Consequently, it runs through a 180 W motor with a 50/60 Hz frequency.

Conclusion: Overall, the device has a midrange price with a fast and easy to use operation. The material quality is not that outstanding though still reliable. Nevertheless, the design of the ice hopper is quite small to accommodate a lot of ice. The device also constantly drips water upon operation. Other than that, the device is worthy of purchase with positive reviews.

• Simple and Effortless Operation
• High Powered Device
• Fast Ice Making Process
• Few Design Issues

#9. Nostalgia RSM702 Retro Single Snow Cone Maker

Nostalgia RSM702 Retro Single Snow Cone Maker

A countertop snow making device with a retro and vintage red design surrounded into it. Nevertheless, this 4-pound device incorporates a plastic surface and body with a cone holder into it. Atop the device, lies the ice hopper for putting ice cubes into it. A rounded ice exit is made to easily mold out a circular shape into the cone.

This 7.5 x 6.7 x 12 inches device grinds ice with the centrifugal force mechanism using the premium stainless blades. It’s easy to use by just loading ice cubes into the ice hopper and then, plug on the device as needed. Put over a snow cone into its prepared holder to easily shoot over the ice into it.

The package of the device includes paper cones and four plastic reusable cones.

Conclusion: Generally, this retro look ice making machine does greatly on its operation. Though, it isn’t recommended to be used with largely sized ice cubes. It’s only suited for medium to small size cubes. Also, it’s important to remember that the device doesn’t have an on/off switch. It’s a direct plugged in device, then the device operates immediately. Aside from that, it’s quite loud. But rest aside, the device is effective. It’s sturdy enough and very cheap, worthy for the quality you’ll get.

• Assembly is Easy
• Classic and Sophisticated Design
• Durable Material Quality
• Easy to Clean

• Inflexible to Large Sized Ice Cubes
• Loud Operation

* P.s: You may wish to have a look on portable ice makers or ice cream makers or iced tea makers or juicer machines.


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