10 Best Popcorn Kernels – For a Weekend Movie Night


Cinemas are well known for popcorn. And it can be unimaginable for a lot of us to go through a movie without this lovely snack. It is one of the most popular snacks that one would love to have at any time.

A lot of us have the opinion that popcorn comes from the corn or maize we usually eat, but that is not the case. There’s a unique variety of corn called Zea mays everta from which we get popcorn kernels.

Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popcorn Kernels
Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popcorn Kernels​ – Image from Amazon

A lot of times, we desire to relive the cinema popcorn experience at home with friends and family. But we, do not the products available on the market and the best choice for us.

So, this article will provide us with information on the best popcorn kernels we can choose from. And also guide in making the best decision on which one will give the best satisfaction.

List of The Best Popcorn Kernels of 2020

#1. Great Northern Popcorn

Great Northern Popcorn Premium 8 Ounce Popcorn Portion Packs

The Great Northern Popcorn is an American product. And it comes in a smart package of 8-ounces packets, and it is pre-measured, so we know the quantity to make per time. The pack has three separate compartments containing the kernel, oil, and seasoning.

And because of its packaging, we can prepare it without wasting time on measurements. And it also allows for secure storage.

The packaging contains dietary information. It has low melt oil, diacetyl free salt, sugar-free, cholesterol free, three nutritional fibers. And about taste and flavor, it gives the perfect theater grade taste of popcorn with the best flavor. With Great Northern Popcorn, we will never miss the cinema popcorn kind of feeling.

Conclusion: For people who love to have great tasting popcorn and also pay attention to food, this is an ideal product.

• Premeasured in 8-ounce packets
• Cholesterol-free
• It does not leave any kernel unpopped
• Non-GMO and gluten-free
• Easy to prepare

• The popcorn does not have a fluffy feel

#2. Snappy White Popcorn

Snappy White Popcorn

The kernels of the Snappy White Popcorn are white as the name implies. It provides an option for people who do not like yellow popcorn. It is usually smaller in size compared to yellow popcorn, but what it lacks in size. Though the grains are smaller, it has a great taste that would make one crave for more.

The unique packaging comes in a 4 pounds jar. So we can unlock the jar to reach the kernels unlike having to cut sachets as with other brands. After every use, we can store the product by closing the lid to keep the product fresh every time.

We can make it in different ways. Also, we can use the microwave; without oil, which can be added later to give flavor. And it can also be done by air-popping.

With this product, there is freedom to use any oil and seasoning as desired. We can top the popcorn with caramel layer or any topping.

Conclusion: For times when there are more people to serve, this product provides the ideal option due to its size.

• Low fat
• Rich in fiber
• It is GMO – free
• We can make it with microwave
• The packaging makes storage easy

• It is not premeasured
• Smaller in size compared to others

#3. Bob’s Red Mill – Whole White Popcorn

Bob's Red Mill Whole White Popcorn

Bob’s Red Mill popcorn kernels come in single packaging with four packs of 27-ounce. With each package, we can pick out one box to use per time and store remaining packs.

The kernels are whole grains which will give one’s body extra dietary fibers. For times with friends and family when we long for delicious and tasty snacks, this comes handy.

For some brands, usually, there are unpopped kernels afterward. But with Bob’s Red Mill popcorn kernel, the result is 100%.

Conclusion: Being gluten-free and vegan, this is product offers vegetarian a delicious snack to enjoy at any time.

• 100% whole grain
• We can make it in different ways
• It has no preservatives
• The packaging allows for a more extended period of storage

• Smaller kernels

#4. Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popcorn Kernels

Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popcorn Kernels

Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn proves to be of high quality. The kernels are from the family farms where they pay attention to ensure the best of grains. The seeds are 100% whole grain, easy to prepare and can coated with toppings to one’s satisfaction.

With this packaging style, we can access the kernels and store without stress. It also has a handle by the side, which helps with handling when pouring the kernels out of the container.

This is a non-GMO popcorn with high quality.

Conclusion: This product provides a good option when one is very concerned about high quality in food products.

• Non-GMO
• The popcorn is usually bigger than other products
• The packaging allows for proper handling
• It can be easily stored

• It is not premeasured

#5. Franklin’s Gourmet Movie Theater Popcorn

Franklin's Gourmet Movie Theater Popcorn

This popcorn is also a very high-quality product. Selected family-owned farms grow it in the city of Iowa. These farmers maintain a good cultivation process with quality seeds.

Franklin’s Gourmet popcorn has packaging like the Great Northern Popcorn. The packets have three separate compartments for the kernel, oil, and seasoning. This packet comes quite handy and allows for safe storage.

We can decide to use whatever oil and seasoning that is suitable, the packet comes with oil and seasoning. The packet allows us to open and empty the content into a pan on the stove to prepare with little effort.

The popcorn is tasty and very delicious to give one a pleasant time with friends and family at all times.

Conclusion: It is the ideal homemade movie partner for everyone. With the perfect theater grade taste of this popcorn it gives.

• It is premeasured,
• Enriched with protein and fiber
• It is vegan and gluten-free
• It is non-GMO

• Its packaging does not give one option of other seasonings

#6. Amish Country Popcorn

Amish Country Popcorn

The brand is well known for its healthy snacks. And for as many who are very health conscious, this is the product for you. The nutritional facts show that it is lactose-free, low in calories, and gluten-free. So you can enjoy this lovely popcorn without any adverse effects on your health.

The Amish Country Popcorn comes with three different bags of popcorn. It has blue, red and purple, and each bag has 1 pound of popcorn kernels in it. Natural cross-breeding is done to give it unique feels and flavors. This process does not alter the genes of the grains and still gives you the white color after popping as with other brands.

It also comes with varieties of flavors and tastes with 15 different popcorn recipes. And with this, your family snack time will be full of options.

Conclusion: Amish Country will make every corn popping time exciting and colorful.

• Low in calories
• It is non-GMO
• It is lactose-free
• The product has varieties
• The kernels can be popped using a microwave

• Does not come with oil and seasoning

#7. Arrowhead Mills Organic White Popcorn

Arrowhead Mills Organic White Popcorn

For as many who are very food conscious, this is another product to explore. It is certified by the USDA to be non-GMO, low in calories, and fat. It also a high fiber content supplement the body’s need for fiber.

The process of preparing this popcorn is easy and faster, as the packaging allows for smooth opening. It can be air-popped to give it the best taste and the crispiness of delicious snack for family times. And to get the best shine out of the popcorn, one can apply sunflower oil.

Conclusion: This popcorn has such a delicious taste, and crispness that would leave you wanting more at all times.

• It is non-GMO
• The packaging allows for smooth opening
• It has USDA certification
• Because it is premeasured
• It is gluten-free
• It has low fat and calorie level

• No seasoning and oil included

#8. Paragon Bulk Bag Yellow PopCorn

Paragon Bulk Bag Yellow PopCorn

Unlike most other brands, Paragon produces different sizes of kernels to appeal to different sets of customers with varying desires for size. So, at different times we desire to enjoy delicious popcorn with family and friends, we can choose different sizes.

The packaging as suggested by the name comes with a lot of kernels in one pack, so with one bag, one can have as many exciting times of enjoying popcorn with friends and family, without quickly running out of supply.

For taste and flavor, one can explore various flavors and seasonings to give the desired taste since the package does include oil and seasoning like other products. And when one wants a fantastic flavor, Paragon buttery salt can be bought separately.

Conclusion: Due to the large size, one can still enjoy fantastic popcorn even when there is a large gathering of people.

• It has various sizes
• The bulk bag popcorn last longer
• It has different kinds of flavors

• It is not premeasured

#9. Jolly Time Select Popcorn

Jolly Time Select Popcorn Kernels

Jolly Time Select Popcorn comes in a packaging of 6 jars with each one containing 30-ounce of popcorn kernels. With this style of packaging, we can safely store the kernels, keeping it fresh at all time.

The popcorn is 100% whole grain, enriched with fiber, gluten, and non-GMO making it a great option for health conscious buyers. It is grown and packaged in the US under the best condition to ensure its high quality.

When popped, the kernels give large and fluffy popcorn with crispy feel and fantastic flavor for your enjoyment. And it pops quickly without leaving any kernel behind afterward, which gives it a 100% pop rate.

Conclusion: Jolly Time Select Popcorn is true to its name, by giving you fantastic time like the theater grade taste popcorn.

• It pops very quickly
• Popcorn is fluffy and large
• Crispy and tasty
• It has 100% whole grain

• It does come pre-measured

#10. Anthony’s Organic Yellow Popcorn

Organic Yellow Popcorn Kernels

This is one of the finest whole grain and organic popcorn kernels with high fiber content. The kernels are without any form of additives. Because it is entirely organic and has a lot of dietary fibers, it is quite expensive compared to most other brands.

It can be prepared with any of the popping styles, and it is usually wholly popped, leaving no kernels behind. Often, it can be air-popped without any oil and will still smell naturally like popcorn.

Conclusion: Though it is expensive, its complete organic nature and high dietary fiber content will make it an excellent buy to enjoy with family.

• The product is 100% whole grain
• It has a high dietary fiber content
• Pops easily without oil

• It is expensive compared to other brands

Buyer’s Guide

With the details already provided above about the best options of popcorn kernels available, there is now the need to decide which of these options is the ideal one for the intended occasion or use. So, the following is a few factors to consider before picking any of these options to get the best product that meets one’s need.

1. Amount per pack
One of the critical factors in deciding which of these products to select is knowing the number of kernels per pack. This will help to determine if the option is adequate for the intended use or not.

2. The packaging
About the packaging, it is essential to know whether it allows for easy storage after use as this is necessary to preserve the freshness and taste of the product. Also, it good to know the dietary facts available on the packaging to be aware of what one would be taking into the body by buying the product.

3. Variety of Kernel
There are varieties of kernels which we have preferences for so the knowledge of the particular variety of the kernels in the brand will help to decide which one is suitable based on what we prefer.

4. Extra ingredients
It is also essential to know other ingredients included in the packaging. For instance, aside from the kernels, does the product contain oil and seasoning. This will help us decide whether to buy the product with extra ingredients included or the one without it.

Final Conclusion

Now, we have all the information that we need on the ten best popcorn kernels available on the market. And we can also decide the best to give us the right satisfaction based on our preference.

So, we can now enjoy the great theater grade taste of popcorn at home with friends and family.

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