Top 10 Best Jar Openers of 2020 – For Ease and Comfort


Say “Good-Bye” to Tough-to-Open Jars!

How often have you ended up having to wait on someone else to open a jar for you? It isn’t the end of the world, but it can be a problem. If you are hoping to make lunch for yourself, but cannot open the jar, you have to come up with a different lunch plan. Kids want a pickle? How do you open the jar?

You find a better way to handle jars. With any luck at all, our list of the top 10 best jar openers of 2020 will be the solution you have been hoping for. It might be the key to making your life a little easier.

Jar Opener
Jar Opener – A Best Jar Opener – Image from Amazon

Our Top Picks for Best Jar Openers

1. 5-in-1 Jar Opener by MEYUEWAL Store

5-in-1 Jar Opener by MEYUEWAL Store

This ergonomic jar opener is easy to use and will never slip in your hands. It has two bottle cap openers and can open jar lids, bean cans, soda caps, and so much more. All you have to do is put the opener on the lid, choosing the right size slot, and turn it. The seal will pop. If it is a cap that doesn’t twist off, no problem! You can pull it with the lid opener.

When you need to open a bottle, whether it is soda or other, this tool promises to make it easy. It can be used by people who suffer from arthritis and even some children.

Conclusion: We like how simple this bottle/jar opener is to use. It is lightweight and makes any jar twist open easily. The fact that it will not slip off the lid, makes it anything possible. It is also a small enough set to be stored in any kitchen utility drawer. You can also check out our list of the best apple peelers.

• Easy to Use
• Versatile
• Durable
• Can Be Hard to Squeeze

2. iMustech Can Opener Manual Bottle and Jar Opener

iMustech Can Opener Manual Bottle and Jar Opener

This 3-in-1 set has a manual can opener, a six-in-one multi-tool for kitchens, and a jar opener that can be used easily, even if you don’t have a lot of grip strength. The six-in-one tool can open everything from beer bottles to soda tabs, safety seals, and bags. There is a hidden blade that ensures bags can be opened without having to search for scissors or risk opening it too much.

Each of the items in this set promise to be very durable and versatile. According to iMustech, their tools can get the job done for the next 10-years at least. They do not require batteries. They are the tools that can be depended on when at home or out in the wild exploring.

Conclusion: We like that you get so many different tools in one set of three. From bags to the toughest pickle jars and cans, these tools promise to keep up with you. They are tools that every kitchen needs and camper or hiker depend on. We personally feel that they can keep up with most people’s needs, but ultimately you have to decide for yourself. Read our latest guide about the best knife sharpener.

• Easy to Grip/Use
• Opens Several Difficult Items
• Durable

• Can Slip off Jars Rarely

3. KAGDIDA Bottle Can and Jar Grip Opener 3 Pack

KAGDIDA Bottle Can and Jar Grip Opener 3 Pack

What tools do you need in your camper or kitchen cabinet? This set has several tools that you can depend on and use whether you are without power, having fun on a camping trip, etc. The 6-in-1 can opener can work well with tight seals, bottle caps, jar lids, and more. The 5-in-one bottle opener breaks the vacuum on jar lids and more. The jar opener features four different jar grip sizes to ensure you always have a tool that will fit.

This handy tool set makes a great gift or can be used for your own home, camper, or tent. No matter how it is used, it is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee from KAGDIDA.

Conclusion: Overall, this seems like a great set for most people. We really like that it has a satisfaction guarantee. This protects your investment and your sanity. This is one of the main reasons we feel it is worth considering. The main issue that we can see with it is that there are multiple tools, which is good, but often the same features are on multiple devices.

• Easy to Use
• Versatility
• Several Tools in One

• Multiple Tools, Same Uses

4. Kichwit Jar Opener Stainless Steel

Kichwit Jar Opener Stainless Steel

This jar opener is rust resistant because it is made of stainless steel. It has a hard-plastic handle that allows you to open any jar by twisting to pop the seal. Simply hook it onto the jar lid and twist. It does the rest. This can make it easy for children and arthritis sufferers to maintain their independence.

As a jar opener, it is recommended that jars be between 1-inch and 3.7-inches in diameter. When you are finished using it, it will take up very little space in your drawer.
This device is very simple to use. We like that it can work with bottles and jars regardless of whether they are plastic or metal. All it takes is a twist of the handle and you can get back to making lunch or dinner, drinking your soda, or whatever else you need to do with a jar opener. The style of this alone makes it worth considering for most people. As a bonus for you, a bottle opener keychain is also included.

• Durable
• Easy to Use
• Versatile Uses

• Hard to Place Properly on Jars

5. Maxracy Premium All-in-one Bottle Can Lid Twist Gripper

Maxracy Premium All-in-one Bottle Can Lid Twist Gripper

This all in one bottle set provides you with several bottle and jar opening options. There are four jar grip sizes to choose from and a tool that allows you to tear, pull, turn or twist all other items. These tools are very helpful whether the seal on a jar is a little too sealed, or your hands simply cannot grip it tightly enough.

Their design is purely functional so that you can effortlessly open whatever you need to open with ease. It is a set that is backed by a friendly customer support team. Any issues you have, can be solved by simply contacting the team at Maxracy.

Conclusion: We like the rubber grip on the jar opener and feel that you will find a variety of uses for it. These tools are ergonomically designed for ease and comfort when you need to use them. We like that both can be used by anyone, even if you don’t have the grip strength to work other openers. We feel they are worth considering for most homes.

• Durable
• Easy to Use
• Comfortable to Hold

• Practice Makes Perfect

6. The Grip Jar Opener: The Original Under Cabinet Lid Opener

The Grip Jar Opener: The Original Under Cabinet Lid Opener

This simple to use jar opener has been used since 1977 proving how reliable it is for most people. It can be placed under any upper cabinet and works well with any lid, regardless of size. You simply hang it using the adhesive and the included screw. From there, it is ready to open any jar.

There are carbon steel blades/teeth that do all the work from there. You slide the jar’s lid into the groove and turn it. Teeth will hold it in place. No more aching hands or awkward jar openers to hold.

Conclusion: The jar opener is the perfect solution for many homes. It is made of ABS plastic, hangs where it is not going to be in your way, etc. It is made in America and backed by a nice support team. We think it is a great option for most people and hope that you do as well.

• Easy to Use
• Simple to Install
• Works on All Jars and Bottles

• Soft Plastic May Not Always Open Easily

7. Arstec Jar Bottle Opener and Non-Slip Jar Gripper Pad

Arstec Jar Bottle Opener and Non-Slip Jar Gripper Pad

When you need a jar opened, having the right tool can make all the difference. This jar or bottle opener comes with respectively 4-5 tools each to open various bottles and jars. If that isn’t enough, there is also a non-slip gripper pad that can help you break loose even the toughest jars.

Between these three tools, you should be able to open anything, even if you have limited hand strength. They each may still require some effort, but it is minimal enough that even kids can use them.

Conclusion: A non-slip pad has always been an easy solution. They are rubber and textured to hold firmly, even if you have wet hands. The other two tools are also useful, in their own ways and for various bottles. Overall, we feel that having all three tools will make life in most kitchens much easier.

• Easy to Use
• Versatile
• Durable

• Not Great for Large Jars

8. Bloss Anti-skid Jar Opener

Bloss Anti-skid Jar Opener

This jar opener promises to be easy to open because it will not slide around even if you have limited hand strength. It has eight sizes of circular openings to accommodate most jars and bottles. It can grip plastic or metal lids, slippery lids, and more.

It is easy to store since it is just one device. If it gets dirty, you can toss it in the dishwasher. No room in your drawers or want it to be easy to find, its shape allows it to hang it on a hook. If you get it and feel that it is not the best tool you have in your kitchen, you can return it for a full refund within the first 30 days.

Conclusion: This seems like a very simple design, and it is. It uses rubber grips and the idea of friction to unscrew even the tightest lids. We like that it can open so many different jar lid sizes and that it has a money back to ensure that you are satisfied with it in every way. It is a USA made product. In our opinion, it is ideal for most families.

• Easy to use
• Easy to Store
• Works with a Variety of Jar Sizes

• Not Good for Large Jars

9. Leifheit 03131 Extra Wide Stainless-Steel Lid and Jar Opener

Leifheit 03131 Extra Wide Stainless-Steel Lid and Jar Opener

This stainless-steel jar and lid opener have wide set handles to provide you with extra grip and force. The handles are also wide and oval shaped to make it comfortable to hold. There are two round sections that can be placed over lids. They have gripping teeth to attach firmly. As you squeeze the handle and twist, they grip the jar lid and force it to turn as well.

You can put this jar opener in the dishwasher if you feel that it needs to be cleaned. Water and heat will not damage any part of it.

Conclusion: This jar opener has a hinge that will allow it to open far enough to fit easily onto most jars. It works in the same way that a pair of pliers does, only it clamps on jars rather than nuts and bolts. Our biggest thought is that people with small hands, children for instance, may have a difficult time using it on a large jar. The space between the handles could end up being further than they could reach comfortably. If this isn’t a concern for you, it is something you may want to consider.

• Sturdy
• Durable
• Simple to Use

• Not for Small Hands

10. Finduat Jar Opener, Can Opener and Bottle Opener Set

Finduat Jar Opener, Can Opener and Bottle Opener Set

This set is made using stainless steel, PP, and TPR. All three of which ensure that it is a force to be reckoned with against stubborn jars. It also makes it very comfortable for you to use and makes quick work of opening the jars that cause you problems.

This tool promises to be easy to use, even if you have hands that are on the smaller side. In fact, both tools are ergonomically designed to make opening jars comfortable for all hands.

Conclusion: We like this set of jar/bottle openers. They seem easy enough to use and comfortable for most people. We really like that they can work on a variety of jar sizes. The fact that smaller hands and weak grips can also use them. We hope it can work for you as well.

• Easy to Use
• Durable
• Good for Small/Weak Hands

• Not for Large Lids

Final Thoughts of the Best Jar Openers

Choosing a jar opener that you can work with, is not an easy thing to do. There are numerous options for you to pick from. Our list only features the top 10 best jar openers of 2020, but this doesn’t mean you find your perfect kitchen aid in it. The truth is none are perfect for everyone. They all have pros and cons. You simply have to pick the one you hope works the best for you in your situation. We hope that you find it easier with our help.


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