10 Best Electric Roaster Ovens – Way to Cook Multi-Layered Meals


You can now impress your family and friends with a juicy, tender, and flavorful meal, serving delicious feast every time with the best electric roaster oven. Whether you are a beginner or a pro when cooking, you can now cook a turkey, simmer gravy, and roast using a trusted and reliable electric roaster oven. Keep your kitchen in smooth operation for everyday use or while entertaining guests. It is always a good idea investing in kitchen equipment that is dishwasher safe and quick-cooking. We have compiled the top 10 best electric roaster ovens to help you make a smart choice when choosing one for your home use.

Ninja Auto-iQ Multi/Slow Cooker
Ninja (CS960) Auto-iQ Multi or Slow Cooker, 6-Quart Nonstick Pot – Image from Amazon

List of the Best Electric Roaster Ovens of 2020

#1. Ninja Auto-iQ Multi or Slow Cooker with 6-Quart Nonstick Pot (CS960)

Ninja Auto-iQ 01

Ninja Auto-iQ is considered four appliances in a single kitchen appliance. It is a slow cooker, a very good stove top for sauteing and searing, a steamer, and an incredible oven for baking. Now, you can cook everything from roasts and stews to vegetables and seafood as well as baked goods. With the Auto-iQ technology, you just need to choose a recipe, add the ingredients, and allow the Auto-iQ cook for you. With 80 pre-programmed food recipes, enjoy cooking quick meals, grains, layered bowls, poached infusions, and roasts.

Even if you are very busy, you can just cook quick meals. You can cook multi-layered meals with great flavor and satisfaction all conveniently in one pot. You can cook grains perfectly like quinoa and oats. Beginning today, no guesswork on poached infusions with cookbook included, serving as your guide for choosing the best recipes with triple fusion heat.

Conclusion: There is a wide array of delicious and quick meals right at your fingertips. The best features include a digital timer, auto stay-warm feature, and steaming or roasting rack.

● Versatile
● Easy to clean
● Non-stick metal cooking pot
● Well-made

● Takes a lot of storage space


Ninja® Cooking System with Auto-iQ™ (CS960 Series)

#2. Ronco Digital Showtime Rotisserie & BBQ Roaster Oven

Ronco Digital Showtime Rotisserie and BBQ Oven

Ronco Digital Showtime Rotisserie chicken is considered a nationwide favorite. The Ronco ST5250 is a compact version of the Ronco classic. Just simply load the turkey or chicken onto the non-stick spit assembly, and then set the timer. With the precision rotating speed and specialized heating element efficiently circulates heat, causing excess fat and grease to drip away.

The Ronco Rotisserie has a digital timer that’s why it is easy to use and it automatically turns off once the time is over. Make delicious chicken and appetizers, and even desserts. The Rotisserie basket included is perfect for chicken pieces, hamburgers, vegetables, fish fillets, whole fish, steaks, cutlets, chops, and smaller flat roasts.

The overall width is 17.75 inches from side to side and a height of 12.75 inches. With the Nesting Design, you can easily store the roaster oven, and enjoy using the accessories such as Rotisserie, Multipurpose Basket, Spit, Removable Drip Tray, Carving Platform, Food Ties, and Oven Gloves.

Conclusion: The precise rotation speed efficiently circulates the heat for excess grease and fats to drip away. The glass door is for easy monitoring of your cooking progress. We have also written a complete guide about the best indoor grills, outdoor gas grill griddles and Coleman roadtrip grill reviews.

● Easy to assemble
● Good design
● Makes great chicken and pork

● Roasting gear gets stuck

#3. Hamilton Beac 31104 Countertop Oven with Rotisserie and Convection, Silver

Hamilton Beach 31104 Countertop Oven with Convection and Rotisserie

The Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven boasts its full-size in a compact and energy-efficient form. It is specifically designed with practicality and kitchen style in mind. It is packed with versatile cooking options, ranging from broiling salmon (check out canned salmon), baking cakes, to roasting an entire 5-pound chicken. The two adjustable cooking racks and wide interior provide a doubled space for cooking several foods at once.

It can fit two 12-inch pizzas, two cake pans, or two 9 x 13 inches casserole. It can fit a whole 5-pound chicken with the use of a revolving rotisserie. The Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven has maximum versatility and extra-large capacity. It measures 13.11 H x 20.62 W x 16.54 D inches. The broil and bake settings include 2 hour-timer. With the convection setting, you can bake faster and more evenly as compared to a traditional oven.

Conclusion: This countertop oven includes everything you need for roasting, baking, and broiling with a removable drip tray, 2 oven racks, broiler rack, 2 baking pans, and rotisserie skewer and lifter. It is small enough to be fit on your kitchen counter and large enough for preparing any meal or snack.

● Great cook time
● Cooks well
● Great price
● Easy to clean

● Heats up immediately

#4. Oster Roaster Oven 22-Quart, Stainless Steel with Self-Basting Lid, (CKSTRS23-SB-D)

Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid, 22-Quart, Stainless Steel

It is now easier to prepare tender turkey and slow-cooked stews plus more with the Oster Roaster Oven. It is equipped with a dependable self-basting lid for recirculating moisture. It eliminates hand-basting to help save time and energy. With the high-domed lid, it accommodates turkeys and chickens up to 26 pounds.

It has an adjustable temperature dial with great versatility, allowing roasting, slow cooking, or baking different dishes. The ‘Keep Warm’ setting is convenient, keeping food in a perfect serving temperature. The Oster Roaster has an enamel-on-steel pan (removable) and a rack, making this electric roaster very easy to clean. This roaster oven has an attractive stainless steel exterior, complementing a wide variety of decors.

Conclusion: The Oster Roaster Oven makes entertaining easy! It is simple to use providing foolproof results, serving delicious, tender, and moist special occasion and holiday meals. You can save time, effort, and energy, doubling a regular oven space for more efficient meal preparation.

● Versatile
● Simple and easy to use
● Adjustable temperature
● Great cooking

● Challenging to clean

#5. Nesco 481825PR Stainless Steel Roaster Oven 18-Quart

Nesco 481825PR Professional Stainless Steel Roaster Oven with Porcelain Cookwell

This is an 18 Quart Stainless Steel Roaster Oven from Nesco with Porcelain Cookwell. It can do anything that a standard oven can do with less and better energy usage and also less heat generated in the kitchen. It is portable, making great tasting meals anytime and anywhere. With the “Circle of Heat”, the heating elements are wrapped around for even and moist cooking.

The temperature control is automatic, maintaining even cooking temperatures ranging from 200 to 450 degrees. The removable steel rack can easily be lifted out handles for easy and safe insertion and removal of hot foods. The specially designed porcelain enamel coated steel meets the demands of meal preparation as well as volume cooking.

Conclusion: This roaster oven is very popular for home cooking, most especially among people who really appreciate the durability and appearance of stainless steel. Also, you can check out our guide for the best food makers for baby.

● Great roasting
● Durable
● Powerful
● Great price

● No timer
● Difficult to clean insert surface

#6. Nesco 4842-47 Roast Air Roaster Oven, 12-Quart

Nesco 4842-47 Professional Roast Air Roaster Oven with Convection

The Nesco 4842-47 Roast Air Roaster Oven is portable that can go anywhere. It serves as a second oven with speedy Convection Air Flow and energy efficiency. It is faster as compared to other roaster ovens. This roaster oven steams, bakes, roasts, and slow cooks, combining the speed and browning of a reliable convection oven with a versatile roaster oven.

The convection cooking can enhance the moisture and flavor content of foods. The heating element boasts the exclusive Circle of Heat, cooking foods from the sides for even and moist cooking, accommodating various baking pan sizes with a lid that is conveniently hinged. The high dome has enough room, holding a 12-pound turkey. It has an adjustable temperature control in full-range up to 450-degrees.

Conclusion: This roaster oven has a chrome-plated cooking and baking rack. It has a porcelain-coated heat-well and cook-well, resisting scratches, stains, chips, and corrosions. Now, you can discover more ways of preparing meals delicious and healthful.

● Huge capacity
● Versatile
● Very useful
● Multiple heat settings

● Easy to rust

#7. Rival Roaster Oven, 18-Quart (RO180)

Rival Roaster Oven, 18-Quart, White

It is easy to prepare meals on special occasions and holidays with the Rival Roaster Oven. It is versatile, handling different cooking applications, such as roasting, baking, and slow-cooking. It boasts its large capacity, accommodating roasts and turkeys up to 22 pounds. Be impressed with the adjustable temperature, ranging from 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This roaster oven is perfect for preparing a wide array of dishes.

In addition, the warming setting conveniently keeps your food always in an ideal serving temperature, with its removable roasting pan and rack. It is easy to clean and versatile. It can accommodate your favorite turkeys and roasts recipes up to 22 pounds.

Conclusion: The Rival Roaster Oven is a great addition to your kitchen. It cooks evenly and versatile. We have also written a complete guide about the best egg cookers.

● Great oven
● Extremely versatile
● Big enough for turkey
● Cooks evenly
● Heats up fast

● No light indicator

#8. Nesco 4816-14 Roaster Oven 6-Quart, White

Nesco 4816-14 Roaster Oven with Porcelain Cookwell

The Nesco 6-quart roaster oven has an exclusive heating element called “Circle of Heat”. You can bake, cook, roast, steam, and slow cook for serving. It has an automatic temperature control, porcelain cook-well, and removable chrome rack. It measures 24.5 x 16.5 x 9 inches with a domed self-blasting cover and recipes included.

With its portability, this roaster oven is moveable, perfect for your kitchen. You can use it in your kitchen, covered patio, garage, or basement, as well as your boat, RV, or cabin. It is an all-around kitchen appliance on-the-go. You will taste the big difference from your first-time use.

Conclusion: It is best to cook with Nesco, allowing you to explore and experiment with different dishes using this special roaster oven.

● Powerful for slow cooking
● Cooks well
● Automatic temperature control
● Nice roaster

● Challenging to clean

#9. Proctor Silex 32191 Stainless Steel Electric Roaster Ovens

Proctor Silex 32191 Roaster Oven, Stainless Steel

Whether you are baking potatoes, cooking a side dish, or roasting a turkey, the high-quality Proctor Silex Roaster Oven provides extra cooking space whenever you need it and whenever your main oven is busy. It has an 18-quart capacity which is large enough, fitting a turkey weighing up t 24 pounds.

Free up valuable oven space, cooking your favorite meal in less time. Enjoy cooking a 14 to 18 pound of unstuffed turkey just 2 ½ hours. Have an extra room with the domed lid included for larger foods and remove them easier by lifting out the rack. You can just relax after the meal with the removable cooking pans for easy cleanup.

Conclusion: The Proctor Silex Roaster Oven is perfect to use for holidays, parties, and any special celebration or even more on regular or ordinary days to make them extra special. Now, you can enjoy the tender and moist chicken, turkey, ham, and beef, as well as golden brown and delicious baked potatoes, bread, desserts, and cakes!

● Easy to clean
● Cooks well
● Tender Meat
● Great roaster

● Won’t brown the turkey

#10. Weston 18 Quart Electric Roaster Ovens

Weston 18 quart Roaster Oven

It is possible to maximize any cooking space and make stress free appetizers, meals, or snacks with the Weston roaster oven. It is perfect for your weeknight family dinners, last minute get-together parties, neighborhood potlucks, and holidays. Roasting, baking, cooking, warming, and serving conveniently is all possible using only a single kitchen tool.

The Weston 18 quart-capacity roaster oven comfortably fits an 18-pound turkey. The removable pan and easy lift-out rack transitions serving dish effortlessly and allows easy cleanup. Do not let the size of your oven restrict your ultimate cooking capabilities.

Conclusion: This roaster oven is great for cooking 24-pound turkey or chicken effortlessly. Serving special food recipes is now made easier with Weston 18 Quart Roaster Oven. Get the needed flexibility to fit different types of food with the dome lid while keeping the heat inside for a taller chicken or turkey.

● Great roaster
● Great for biscuits
● Nicely brown chicken
● Huge capacity
● Easy to clean

● No light indicator

Buying Guide to Shopping Electric Roaster Ovens

The important things you need to consider when buying an electric roaster cooker include:

1. Temperature Control Settings
It is good to choose electric roaster ovens that will allow you to manage the temperature effortlessly without so much hassle and stress. Find one with temperature control options for roasting, baking, simmering, baking, and other cooking operations, so you can just touch or click in a snap.

2. Size, Weight, and Cooking Capacity
Look for a perfectly designed roaster oven that won’t limit your cooking capabilities, yet providing enough space for loading your chickens and turkeys.

3. Heating Element
The performance of your roaster oven depends on the technology of heating element. The “Circle of Heat” is a popular heating technology that wraps the interior of the best brands of roaster oven.

4. Versatility
You can find roaster ovens with multi-functions so you can do everything in just one kitchen appliance like baking, roasting, simmering, sauteing, and a lot more.

Final Verdict

You want a roaster oven that is versatile, durable, convenient to use, and easy to clean. Now, you can choose your best roaster oven confidently and stress-free. You have to consider your needs and preferences with the right features that fit for regular use and for special celebrations.

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* P.s: If you are looking for smart oven for convection and air frying, just check here.


  1. I have a 22 quart Electric roaster, with a timer made. It was made by Cook’s. I have had it for many .. many years. I need to find a replacement pan for it because this one all the enamel or coating is gone. Any suggestions? I cannot use the bags that they make for these roaster pans because they stick to the sides and melt..


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