10 Best Compact Refrigerators of 2020 – A Perfect Fit for Anywhere!


Coolness Where You Need It and When!

We often think that compact refrigerators have very little purpose in our home. Do we really need a fridge that can only hold a little when even a gallon of milk is large enough to take up six inches? Especially when we have one refrigerator for our entire family to store foods, snacks, drinks, and more?

The truth is, there are many times when a small refrigerator may be a good thing to have around. If your family enjoys soda, you can stock a mini fridge with several cans, saving valuable space in the large refrigerator. Dorm rooms, nurseries, bathrooms, and entertainment spaces can all benefit from having easy access to cold items.

Chefman Mini Portable Compact Fridge
Chefman – Compact Refrigerators – Image from Amazon

To learn more about the benefits of having a mini fridge and to see what is available you can look at the 10 best compact refrigerators of 2020. These machines are designed, above all other things, to make your life more convenient and your kitchen a little less cluttered.

List of the 10 Best Compact Refrigerators of 2020

#1. Cooluli Concord 20 Liter Compact Mini Fridge

Cooluli Concord Compact Cooler

This compact refrigerator from Cooluli is sleek, portable, and very compact at only 11.25 x 13.73 x 16.25-inches. It weighs only 13-pounds 12-ounces. You can choose from blue, pink, black, or white to match your decorating preferences for the room that you want to put it in.

The best part of this little fridge is the customizable temperature control. Simply decide how cold or warm you want its contents to be and set the thermostat using a digital display. This makes it great for skincare products, drinks, medications, and so much more. The digital display can cool items to 40° below ambient temperatures of that room or warm up to 149-degrees.

Conclusion: We love how this little refrigerator looks. It is compact and very useable for a variety of things. It can hold soda cans, but can also be useful for adding a few other things. It can even be put into a nursery to preserve milk. However, it may not be perfect. Some say it is a little noisy and they feel it lacks a good seal.

● 1-Year​ limited warranty
● Stylish
● Portable
● Works anywhere
● Easy to use
● Can cool or warm contents

● Condensation
● May lack a good seal
● Noise

#2. Chefman Mini Portable Compact Personal Fridge

Chefman Mini Portable Compact Personal Fridge Cools

Typically, we do not think of refrigerators as something we can carry with us when we go. At least, until the Chefman Mini Fridge. This tiny fridge can hold up to six cans of soda, but is small enough to carry with your hands. It has only a 4-liter capacity.

It is Freon-Free and made for durability. It is a cooler and warmer that works off standard household outlets or a car’s 12-volt outlets. This little fridge has a 1-year assurance warranty from Chefman so that you can buy with confidence.

Conclusion: At only 9.5 x 7 x 10 inches, this little refrigerator can be wherever you need it. It can hold medications to get you through the workday, keep bottles fresh for mid-night feedings, and so much more.

● Very small
● Very portable
● No freon
● Ideal for desktops
● Also heats

● Little loud

#3. AstroAI Mini Fridge

AstroAI Mini Fridge

This four-liter, six can cooler has the ability to warm or cool. It is rated to warm up to 150°F or cool down to 37°F within only 3 hours. It cannot heat things up, but it promises to keep things that are warm, warm for several hours, at least. To cool, you simply plug it into either wall outlets or vehicle cigarette lighters.

With this fridge, you are protected by a three-year warranty to ensure you are satisfied. Any issues, you simply contact AstroAI.

Conclusion: The biggest thing with this little fridge is that it cannot cool a can of soda that has been sitting in a hot car for a day. It isn’t designed for that. The workaround is cooling it and then holding it in this refrigerator. Seems simple enough, but may cause a problem for some people. Otherwise, we think it is a nice little fridge to carry around.

● Portable
● Quiet
● Versatile
● Cute

● Cannot heat or cool room temp items effectively

#4. RCA Mini fridge

RCA RFR321 Compact Fridge

One of the first things you will notice about this 3.2 Cu. Ft. mini fridge is that there are numerous color options to choose from. There are casual colors or colors that allow you to express your style.

Inside, you will find tempered glass shelves, a mini-freezer, and ample space for your necessities. Every bit of space inside is designed to be used while outside it measures only 20 x 18 x 32 inches. There is even a two-liter bottle holder in the door! If you need a fridge in your workshop? No problem. This little refrigerator can keep things cold, even when the sun is very hot.

Conclusion: Overall, no one can complain about this compact refrigerator performance-wise. It does all that it should do with a good bit of storage space inside. However, shipping can mean it arrives damaged.

● Temperature control
● Internal space
● Energy efficient
● Little noise

● Many people notice dents during shipping

#5. Midea Compact Refrigerator

Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Fridge

Midea provides us with a very cute 1.6 cubic foot refrigerator that can maintain an average temperature of 32-35-degrees Fahrenheit. It does not work well to store frozen foods that require a colder temperature.

It is backed by a full one-year warranty, has adjustable legs, and a reversible door. All of which come together to provide you with a mini fridge that can work in any area of your home, office, or garage. It also does not take up a lot of space at 17.7 x 18.6 x 19.4-inches.

Conclusion: Very few people can truly say that this little fridge doesn’t get the job done. Overall, they have only minor complaints about noise or defrosting it. In our opinion, it is good if you choose it for the right reasons without expecting full-size fridge performance.

● Quiet operation
● Energy efficient
● Small, effective storage space
● Effective at keeping things cool

● May need defrosting

#6. EdgeStar 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Fridge/Freezer

EdgeStar CRF321SS Compact Fridge

EdgeStar provides you with a compact fridge and freezer that is dorm-sized at 3.1 cu. ft. inside. The exterior measures in at 19.8 x 18.8 x 33.5-inches. It has a true zero-degree freezer, reversible doors, and two separate areas for your favorite foods. Both doors have storage shelves and inside the main compartment, you will find slide-out shelves.

The refrigerator area automatically defrosts. The freezer requires manual defrosting. The warranty covers 90 days for labor and one year for parts.

Conclusion: In our opinion, damages that happen during shipping may not be a “fault” for this refrigerator. However, it may not be ideal for all since it does require manual defrost for the freezer. Overall though, it seems very capable of being a good fridge/freezer combination.

● Very cold freezer
● Durable
● Spacious interior

● Shipping dents
● May be loud

#7. Daewoo Retro Compact Refrigerator

Daewoo FR-044RCNW Retro Compact Refrigerator

This slightly larger Daewoo refrigerator has an internal space of 4.4 cu. ft. It promises to be low on noise and high on function. Every part of it is usable from the tabletop it provides to the LED lighting, and adjustable glass shelves. There is also a sliding drawer for fresh foods.

This refrigerator is also available in several color choices to match your style and decor preferences. Although it is designed to meet most University dorm room standards, it can be used anywhere that you need a small, compact refrigerator.

Conclusion: Most people feel that this fridge is awesome. However, it isn’t perfect for everyone. Some say that the freezer part gets too warm for them while others say it is too cold. In our opinion, none of the negatives seem overly bad, but it may be different for you.

● Stylish
● Holds a good bit
● Keeps food cold

● Freezer coldness

#8. Midea Double Door Mini Fridge

This mini fridge has two separate compartments for the freezer and fridge. This is great because it allows you to adjust the freezer to be -11 to 5F while the refrigerator can remain between 32-50 degrees. There is also an interior light so that you can see what it is inside when you open the door.

You can choose stainless steel, black, or white and each will come with a full one-year warranty. The doors can be reversed to make it work for your space, and adjustable legs ensure that it will sit level on the floor. Size-wise, you should expect a 3.1 cu. ft mini fridge with a fresh food capacity of 2.2 cu. ft. Exterior dimensions are 18.5 x 19.4 x 33-inches.

Conclusion: Most people seem very pleased with the performance of the Midea double door mini fridge. It looks nice, remains small, and does more than many other compact refrigerators. This does not mean it is perfect for everyone or every situation.

● Quiet operation
● Very appealing style
● Impressive storage capacity
● Fits anywhere
● Energy efficient

● May produce condensation

#9. Danby Designer Compact Refrigerator

Danby Designer DCR044A2BDD Compact Refrigerator

Danby Designer compact refrigerators are available in several sizes. This one is 4.4 cu. ft inside and features a full-width freezer section. In the fridge door, there is a space to store 8 cans and shelves. You can also use it to hold tall bottles. In the main compartment, you will see glass shelves and the small freezer section.

Outside, the dimensions are 20.9 x 20.7 x 32.7 inches, which ensures that it can fit into most spaces. It has a reversible door and does not require you to build a cabinet over it.

Conclusion: This little refrigerator is capable of freezing stuff in the freezer as well as the fridge. If you set the temperatures too low, it can do amazing things. This is a problem for some, but most people seem okay with having things very chilled.

● Very little noise
● Looks nice
● Stores a lot
● Good temperature range

● Gets too cold
● Dents happen during shipping

#10. Keystone Compact 2-Door Refrigerator/Freezer

Keystone KSTRC312CB Compact 2-Door Refrigerator

The Keystone compact refrigerator is ideal for most people since it measures in at only 3.1 cu. ft. inside, but contains plenty of storage area. It has two glass shelves, a crisper drawer, and more. There are shelves on the door and a separate top-mount freezer section.

To further save space, this fridge has reversible doors with recessed handles. You do not have wasted space anywhere on it. It simply takes up 20 x 18.5 x 33.2-inches, which is the external dimension of it. It also comes with a one-year parts and labor warranty.

Conclusion: Most people love this little fridge. They keep it in their office, dorm rooms, and other areas that it is convenient to have a refrigerator. From what we can tell, coldness is not a problem for anyone, but this could change at some point in the future.

● Spacious
● Compact
● Good temperature range/control
● Completely separate freezer space

● Slightly soud

Final Conclusion

Choosing the right compact refrigerator is kind of a big deal. There are many choices, and most have good features and not so great problems. We love that any of the top 10 compact refrigerators for 2020 can do so much. They work well for holding your lunches at work, bottles for your baby in the nursery, cosmetics and skincare items while tucked away in your bedroom or bathroom, and virtually anything else that needs to be kept cold.

Each of the appliances on our list can be a great addition to your home, RV, office, and other areas. They can hold drinks, they can work to keep foods fresh, and some may even keep hot foods warm. Whether you buy one of the ones listed above or decide to go with another, you have to think first about the features you want. If you focus on the features, we feel confident that you will find the right one for your needs.


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