Top 10 Best Canned Tunas of 2020 – Healthy for You and the Planet


Are You Ready to Truly Enjoy Your Tuna?

We know that tuna is good for us to eat. It has a high protein quality that comes with virtually no fat content. It also contains a high amount of amino acids, which is good for muscles. The omega 3s are good for our hearts. The list of health benefits goes on and on.

Wild Planet Albacore Wild Tuna
Wild Planet Albacore Wild Tuna – A Best Canned Tuna – Image from Amazon

Since not everyone enjoys the flavor of tuna, we can find recipes that make it more enjoyable. You aren’t restricted to only eating it out of the can, and you can still enjoy the overall benefits of eating it. This is great news for most people. However, we still may not know which tuna is best. Is there a can of tuna that offers more nutritional value than another or are they all created equal?

We will try to answer these questions and more without the top 10 best canned tunas of 2020. These are all high-quality brands that are dolphin friendly and have very little mercury. The choice for most people comes down to how chunky the tuna is and how much salt it contains. We hope that we help you make a good choice for your family.

Our Top 10 Picks for the Best Canned Tunas

1. Wild Planet Albacore Wild Tuna


Wild Planet tuna is caught in either the northern Pacific Ocean or the coast of New Zealand. This allows them to preserve the natural ecosystem by not depleting the tuna in that area. It also ensures that all the nutritional value you love is still readily available.

Each can provides 600mg of EPA and DHA Omega 3. It is Gluten-free and supplies a completely healthy snack or entre for your family. When you open the can you will not find anything but tuna in their natural juices, sea flavor, and all.

Conclusion: Tuna is a healthy thing to enjoy. This brand increases the health benefits of it while sustaining the tuna population. Each bite is going to be filled with loads of flavor to ensure that every time you open the can, you will enjoy what comes out of it. Also, you can check out our guide for the best canned salmon.

• Flavor
• Nutritional Value
• No Added Oils or Fillers

• Not Made in USA

2. BUMBLE BEE Solid White Albacore Canned Tuna Fish in Water

BUMBLE BEE Solid White Albacore Tuna in Water

BUMBLE BEE tuna is one that has been around for years. It is a high protein food, which combines white albacore tuna and water. Most people say that it has the best flavor of all tunas. It works well for people who are on a ketogenic diet.

This company understands the importance of quality. Therefore, they can tell you exactly how your tuna came to be in your home. It is done by tracking it from the boat to the can.

Conclusion: This tuna has always been a popular choice for tuna lovers. It is made in the USA from tuna that has been captured in the Pacific Ocean. We like that you can learn where your tuna came from and hope that you do as well. Check out our complete guide about the best canned chili.

• Tasty
• USA Canned
• Filled with Nutrition
• Not Fishy

• Dented Cans

3. Genova Yellowfin Tuna in Pure Olive Oil


This yellowfin tuna is popular for people who enjoy tuna as a meal. It has plenty of Omega 3’s and protein the way that we expect tuna to be. This tuna is captured of the coast of Thailand. It is a dolphin-safe and has no carbs included making it safe for everyone to enjoy. You can even check it out since it is certified safe and sustainable.

One thing you will notice when you open a can is that the only oils inside are all-natural. It uses some olive oil, but no other additives.

Conclusion: When you want actual “chunks” of tuna in the can, you will enjoy having Genova. It has chunks that are large enough you have to dice it up to create your favorite recipes according to some people. Overall, it should be a tuna that you feel good about eating. We have also written a complete guide about the best popcorn kernels.

• Good Flavor
• Large Chunks
• Low Sodium

• Salty Flavor

4. StarKist Chunk Light Tuna in Water


Since 1942, StarKist has devoted itself to creating high-quality tuna. One of the reasons people love it is the fact that it has a light, mild flavor. It is a dolphin-safe and provides an excellent source of protein. Each can of tuna has 20g of protein and 90 calories per serving. It is also full of Omega 3s, which works well with a variety of diet plans.

Since this tuna is packed in water, it is ideal for adding flavor to salads, casseroles, sandwiches, and all other recipes that you know of. You can buy either 48 cans or four, depending on how much your family loves tuna.

Conclusion: This tuna is great for fast lunches and instant protein boosts. You can keep a few cans in the office when you have to miss lunch. They also have an extended expiration date so you can keep them on hand for a long time.

• Long Expiration Dates
• Good Flavor
• Usable for All Recipes

• Too Much Water

5. Portofino Solid Yellowfin Tuna


This tuna is packaged with extra virgin olive oil using only hand-selected cuts of yellowfin tuna. You will not find any junk inside of it. Only the good stuff. There is a little sea salt added for flavor, but overall, it has a smooth, mellow flavor that complements most dishes.

It is a natural source of protein with about 29grams per can. It also has the Omega 3s we want from tuna. It is a non-GMO product and 100% dolphin-safe.

Conclusion: This Italian-based tuna that is great for most recipes and dishes. It has a flavor that most people love and all the nutrients that we want to see in tuna. Most also enjoy knowing that they will see a can full of tuna when they open it up. We think that if you give it a try, you will also find some reason to love yellowfin tuna, Italian style.

• Flavorful
• Good Chunks
• Very Little Oil

• Dented Cans

6. American Tuna Albacore Tuna


This Albacore tuna is MSC certified and sustainable. It is caught and canned in America, completely traceable from boat to the shelf. It is pole and line caught in the Pacific North.

The tuna is packed in its own natural oils and single cooked. This means you get nothing but the best whenever you open the can. It has about 42grams of protein in each can. That is 14g per servings with three servings in each can. There are also tons of Omega 3.

Conclusion: American Tuna Inc. was founded by American fishermen. The only thing you will find in your can of tuna is the meat, the natural oils, and a little dash of sea salt. The recommendation is that you never drain your tuna before eating because you will lose some nutritional value by doing so. For this reason, we think that most people will be happy they give it a try.

• Packaged Naturally
• American Caught and Canned
• No Draining Required
• MSC Certified

• Too Fishy for Some

7. Chicken of the Sea Tuna Chunk Light in Water


You have a variety of buying options when you choose Chicken of the Sea. It is a tuna that promises 50% less sodium than others while staying high in protein and rich in Omega 3. The flavor you will find with this tuna is enjoyable by most people.

This tuna is MSC certified proving the company’s overall commitment to ocean sustainability. Each can of tuna has both prime skipjack and yellowfin tuna. This gives it an overall mild flavor.

Conclusion: Chicken of the Sea provides a variety of canned or pouched seafood options. The tuna is one of their most popular, though some people say that it is too mushy for their personal preferences. We feel that you should consider this before you buy, especially if you are sure that you want chunks.

• Good Flavor
• Low Sodium Content
• Good Sized Cans

• Too Watery

8. StarKist E.V.O.O. Solid Yellowfin Tuna


StarKist Selects is all about providing a low fat, high protein yellowfin tuna. All that is included in each can is tuna, extra virgin olive oil, and a dash of sea salt. There is no hint of soy or glutens. It is completely dolphin-safe.

This is most recognizable by tuna fans for their brand icon, Charlie the Tuna, which was introduced in 1961. Their goal is to provide the highest quality tuna, packed full of flavor whether you choose to eat it with your favorite recipes or straight from the can.

Conclusion: We believe that a company that has been around since before the 60s can provide a high-quality product. Tuna manufacturers are no different and Sunkist stands out as a favorite for most people. Whether you love tuna or hate it, you cannot deny you have heard of this brand. Therefore, we do feel shopping online or in the store, you should enjoy having this in your pantry.

• Flavorful
• Great in Recipes
• Good for Diets
• Filled with Nutritional Content

• Too “Fishy”

9. Safe Catch Wild Albacore Tuna


With Safe Catch, you can feel confident that you are going to get only the healthiest tuna around. They strive to keep the lowest mercury content of all other available tunas by keeping it 2.5-times lower than what the FDA says is safe. There are no additives or fillers. When you open a can, you will find only Albacore tuna that was pole or line-caught.

As a part of the processing of it, you can feel confident that it is hand-cut and packed. Then cooked slowly in the tuna’s own natural juices to preserve all Omega 3s as well as other nutrients that are in tuna. As a bonus, if you do not enjoy snacking on Safe Catch tuna, you can take advantage of full money back or replacement promise.

Conclusion: Mercury is a concern when you choose to eat tuna. Others on our list say that it is tested to ensure it is mercury-free, but only Safe Catch says they strive to cut even more of the mercury out. We like that it is packaged only in its natural juices, but do feel that could leave it with a very fishy flavor. This means it may not be the right choice for everyone. Read our complete guide about the best jar openers.

• Low Mercury Content
• No Added Water or Salt
• Replacement or Money Back Promise
• No Gamey Flavor

• Dryness of Tuna in the Can

10. Kirkland Albacore Solid White Tuna in Water


Kirkland Albacore tuna is caught using monofilament leaders and circle hooks. This means that no sharks or sea turtles can be caught by accident, making it environmentally friendly for the oceans. It is also 100% dolphin friendly and traceable from sea to shelves. It is a product of Thailand.

The processing of this tuna begins when it is captured and frozen while still out to sea. When it reaches the shore, it is traditionally canned in large chunks.

Conclusion: This brand of tuna promises to be delicately tuna flavored with a firm texture that most people will love having in their favorite recipes. We like the people who catch tuna are consciously trying to avoid capturing other animals, which could be an important factor for some people.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous kinds of tuna available in today’s market. Each one of them could be included in our list of the 10 best-canned tunas of 2020. It is difficult to say that there is a specific one that you should try. Some people want more salt or less. We want some oil while others avoid it. Our goal with this article is simply to help you see what is available. You can see which is considered the most healthy and make a good choice for your family based on that. We hope that it helps, even if you choose to go with another tuna brand.


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